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Collaboration in the production and assembly of temporary exhibitions; Selection, archiving and treatment of photographic and videographic material for the catalog of the 3rd anniversary of Espaço Menosuno.


Espaço Menosuno is a non-profit cultural association that aims to promote contemporary art through exhibition, scenic, educational and social projects.

Assembly of the temporary exhibitions “Fictitious stories, desocultaciones, outsiders”, of Raúl G. Collado and Mario Sarramián; “My father is an artist but he does not know it”, by Antonio Siles, curated by Laurita and Teba Siles; “In-Sonora IV”, exhibition in Espaço Menosuno by Alejandro González Nooa, Alicia Grueso and Felipe Nuñez; “Manifesto Bufo de Pan”, by Alberto Chinchón and Miguel Palancares; “The Transversal Section”, collective exhibition coordinated by Queralt Lencinas and Samatha Kattan; “Discreet Appearances”, by Ebba Rohweder.

WHEN: September to December 2008
LOCATION: Espacio Menosuno, Madrid

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