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Coordinator of the meetings with international programmers supported by the PICE / Visitors program of the Spanish Cultural Action.

The Autoplacer / Sindicalistas collective, in collaboration with the CA2M Mayo Arts Center , present the sixth edition of the Autoplacer Festival . A free and family-friendly festival, which will last all day Saturday , September 26 , with live music programming featuring some of the best groups in the submerged and independent Spanish scene.
The Festival Autoplacer presents itself as one of the most interesting local proposals regarding the impulse it gives to this type of initiatives. Like every year, self-published music will flood the museum’s halls to celebrate its creative power. In addition to the 9 concerts distributed across three stages, the festival will feature an electronic room with lives and djs programmed by two independent collectives in Madrid, a space for audiovisual projections and a zone dedicated to several invited projects related to the self-publishing, where we can find self-published discs, cassettes, T-shirts, books, fanzines, comics and all kinds of underground merchandising.

The self-edited music festival organized by the Autoplacer / Sindicalistascollective comes to CA2M for the sixth consecutive year to offer full-day live music programming with some of the best groups in the submerged and independent Spanish scene.
From 12.00 p.m. we will be happy to enjoy eight concerts, distributed between the first two floors of the museum, including the presentation of the winning group ofthe annual Autoplacer 2015 Model Competition . We can also watch several sets in the ” Pista de Baile “, thanks to the collaboration of the electronic music collectives Paraíso Madrid and Valle Eléctrico . We will also have the opportunity to see, in our projection room, ” Sesión Continua “, the video playlists that were exclusively made for the festival by the publisher Servando Rocha and the director Kikol Grau .
Like every year, there will be a zone dedicated to independent projects , where we can find self-published discs, tapes, t-shirts, books, fanzines, comics and all kinds of underground merchandising. There will also be a vermouth session on the CA2M patio and a few more surprises.

WHEN: September 26, 2015
WHERE: Mayo Art Center (CA2M)

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